Saturday, 12 March 2016

[A Cold Winter] Rescue

Ascondia leant on the tree as she looked down toward Dragons Keep, from here you could see the damage and providing you didn’t know better you’d think it was nothing but a rundown castle in the middle of nowhere.

It also made sense this was where Ceremon held out, Evermore had long since been abandoned by its inhabitants in large parts due to the vile treatment of its people by the Lords of the time, consequently these happened to be Elcarus, generations before Kane.

Ceremon was the last of that pure line, Elcarus bred inside the castle it kept their lines pure but had insane effects on their mentality. It is rumoured that Ceremons father attempted to have Ceremon killed and as a consequence Ceremon left Evermore after burning the village to the ground. No one ever really found the truth of that night as it was long since consigned to history. The only true facts are that Ceremon resurfaced in Dentarius and was a good man until the death of his wife.

Ascondia scraped her knife against the tree setting free a river of dark red liquid as she smiled darkly 

“Milady you shouldn’t be so exposed” Alvin stated no approaching her from behind

“And you shouldn’t creep up on a woman exposed and alone, it may set the wrong example” 

Ascondia replied dryly “Besides Hades and Aerian are down there and we can go and get them”

“We should wait for Kane and Aishani” The name drew a low growl from Ascondia stopping Alvins sentence, it also stopped his approach as he was now stood on the bank just below her current place, the treeline dropped from there into open ground.

“Kane is far too cautious and will sacrifice both for the sake of that woman, we already know that” Ascondia snapped coldly

“I believe Kane will do what’s right to get his daughter and brother out alive” Alvin replied

“At the cost of what?” Ascondia replied darkly “What will assaulting a heavily fortified castle, with more traps and insane folk that any real person goes up against Alvin? I should not have come, I am Queen of the Everlands and one of the most powerful beings in the realm, I am by definition a target and that troubles me”

“Which is why you’re not going in there” Kane replied now striding up the bank and crouching looking down over the open ground “You can get us home so you stay put and when we come running across that field toward you, you open a portal to Elvera and you get the hell out of here, we can’t travel another fortnight in the other direction with Hades and Aerian in the state they are you know it and I know it, we need them back in Elvera as quickly as possible”

“If you step foot in Elvera” Ascondia snapped

“I know, one thing at a time” Kane replied softly as he waited on Aishani and Virra “Shadow will watch your back, you’re our way out”

As Kane spoke to Ascondia, that is when the mouth-watering presence announced Aishani walking with Virra at her side up the bank, Shadow skittering after. She lowered herself to Kane's side in a crouch, three fingers splayed to assist in her stance, while the golden hue was fixed on the ruins of the castle below.

Virra remained standing with her arms folded over her chest, the tethers were gone now. Those piercing black eyes lingered on the damning structure below. "As far as trips, tricks and wires...those all have been disarmed by myself initially on the sneak into the dungeon from that hidden entry..."

"Good. You already know of the locations, to each, then it would not be a trigger. You will have to do the leading, Virra. This is an extent of trust, waste it and I will hang you by the very skin on your body..." Aishani spoke in a casual purr, the corner of her plush lips tugged in a smirk. "As for Shadow covering Ascondia, that is entirely up to her, but, I think Ascondia may feel better with Alvin between--Oh, I mean covering her ass." She chuckled darkly, it was a tease on the Queen but needless to say, poked at her.

Ascondia growled in reply before raking her knife through the tree once more then storming off down the snow bank. Kane watched her just for a moment before checking his bow. Slowly he edged along the treeline and down toward the castle below. The hidden entrance was off the south just out of the treeline, but far less open than the area before them.

“Virra I need you to get Aerian out, I suspect I will need to deal with Hades” Kane spoke softly his words low “Aishani will cover the middle ground while we extract the relevant prisoners.

Aishani withdrew her throwing knives and even her daggers to apply a solution to each from a phial and even offered some to Kane in order to apply to his arrows, would he desire such. Virra acknowledged Kane's words with a short nod, but, her eyes remained fixed on the ruins of the castle below.

Aishani glanced behind her with a lingering gaze set on Shadow, the large spider appeared to understand the silent communication and went after Ascondia and Alvin to be their protection from those hidden that would encroach.

She straightened after concealing the phial and returning each weapon to the designated location on her person, while Virra glanced to her then to Kane.
The trio was ready. It was time to recover Hades and Aerian from the clutches of Ceremon and Z'ress.

Kane finished tipping half his arrows with the solution, as they made their way toward the not so hidden entrance. He held the group with a wave of his hand before pointing along the path which vanished among a pile of rubble.

“Once we’re through we don’t have long, Virra may have disarmed the physical traps but the detection spells will be up, once we go through they will know, we’ll bar the cell doors as long as we can but we need to be as quick as possible” Kane breathed slowly “Be prepared for a fight!”

Aishani stood at Kane's side, while glancing to him with her daggers removed from the sheaths with a spin, the hilt resting on her palm in a grip that was about business. Her scent appeared to grow strong with the luscious aroma, which at times fuelled a darker side within Kane. Virra stood on the opposite side of Kane, holding up a small leather fold, this was her silent signal of a lock pick wallet.

"Let's do this then. Quick. Precise. Virra, you take up the lead to take us to the portion of the dungeon, walk in step with Kane." Aishani purred softly, as the transformation from the calm exterior, there was a sense of excitement in her voice, husk of arousal to the anticipation moving forward.
Virra flashed her dark eyes to Aishani, then to Kane. She stepped forward to begin to lead the path.

They followed down as they reached the entrance the sound of steel on leather as Kane drew his sword one flick showed years of training with the weapon, one slight adjust on his bow at his shoulder and he stepped down, the corridor was cold and the walls ran with liquid and green mould.

Kane took a step forward as they picked their way through the old cells, Kanes blade never so much as twitched merely remained in hand tip a few inches from the ground, the knowledge of Aishani beside him was a strange comfort and strength to him, his focus on the task not wavered or second guessed something alone he would have done a dozen times by now.

As they reached the door to the main cell block Kane halted them leaning against the door to listen just for a moment. “You said two wolves’ two vampires on the other side of this door? Together or separate shifts?” Quietly he placed his blade on the ground and knocked an arrow to his bow he drew the string half back and waited for Virra to open the door.

Aishani by this point had sheathed on dagger and adorned a small fan of throwing knives on her fingers, when they stopped before the door. She was poised to pounce at any moment, her ashen skin and dark hair literally blending in with the darkness of the tunnel, but, her golden eye gave way her location.

Virra glanced to Kane, keeping her voice to a whisper and moving closer to him, while whispering barely above a breath. "Rotations. Two werewolves and human during the day. Two werewolves and a vampire at night." She removed her lock pick set, working with two picks, fiddling round while then a catch was heard and the click with a flick of her wrists. The door was unlocked.

The second the door opened Kane let fly the Vampire not even seeing the arrow until it split through his chest sending him to the ground, by the time he had hit the ground Kane had already shouldered his bow and collected his sword and was on the Werewolf beyond, he went for the closest knowing Aishani would take the second, they had entered under cover of darkness giving them the best advantage.

The werewolf manged to claw Kanes shoulder only for him to return the favour with his blade across the upper thigh then ducking behind to drive his blade through the werewolves chest, as the wolf rose Kane caught him square with a forearm into the wall knocking him out cold.

“Virra go get Aerian” Kane was already working on the lock to hades to cell, the second the lock opened Kane was struck by the door as Hades burst out, pinning Kane to the wall arm locked around his throat. Kane kicked at his knee pushing him off enough to get words out “Hades no time for a play fight” and with that he shoved his blade in his hand and pulled his bow taking a vampire who was already on his through the door sending the ones beyond scattering for cover “OUT OF TIME!” Kane barked in warning

As Kane surmised, Aishani already spit a series of throwing knives upon the second werewolf, while the image of Aishani disappeared to reappear only to glide her dagger across the gullet of the creature, spilling guts in a slosh to the floor. She kept her stance and rushed to the door leading down to the dungeon, pressing her ear against it and listening.

Virra was already working on the lock to Aerian's cell before Kane spoke, working through the lock that was much more complicated, but, her dark eyes were fixed on the movements and feel. Abruptly the lock clicked and she pulled open the door and rushed into the cell. Skimming through the darkened corners for a sign of the red head, then fixed on the make-shift bedding, rushing over to nudge with her foot. "Hey. You."

Aishani glanced over her shoulder with the indication of incoming as Hades pinned Kane to the wall, she decapitated the vampire that was shot by Kane's arrow, ensuring the end with a cross scissor of her blades, sending coagulated blood to splatter upon her. "We have to get out of here. They will be here soon. VIRRA hurry up!"

Aerian backed into the corner, her feet flat to the wall as she shrank as far into the shadows as she could, her eyes fixed on the woman now calling to her. The clashes outside of chaos she knew were her father but her need to run was not allowing her to “Get my dad out of here, they are coming to kill him, take Hades and go” Aerian breathed the panic in her voice all too clear “I don’t want to go”

Virra glanced over her shoulder to the chaos outside the cell then to Aerian, moving close to her, but not before a dagger could be seen with the pummel driven into the back of her head to efficiently knock her out. "I'll be fucking damned, if you stop my protection." She moved out, calling to Kane for him to enter within. "We have to get her out of here. I'm sorry, but, I had no choice."

Aishani glanced over her shoulder, narrowing her gaze to the cell door, but, covering Kane and standing at Hade's side to fight. "Time's ticking, Kane. Get her out of here and I will cover the back."

Hades grunted as he took down a werewolf who had broken their lines, an awkward motion before snapping his neck clean “Get her!” he barked

Kane growled as he scrambled through the door, he handed Virra his bow before dragging Aerian to his shoulder, a nod and headed for the exit, staying focused on keeping Aerians weight balanced as he made for the exit.

As they burst out of the tunnel Kane stumbled sending them both into the snow, Kane simply rolled to his stomach and into a crouch preparing a fireball as the other cleared the exit Kane unleashed the blast collapsing as much of the tunnel as he could behind them “It wont hold them, there’s at least 3 mages with that last group with far more power than I have to hold them” he breathed slowly

A loud scream cut the air as Aerian stirred “Send me back” she screamed her nails biting into Kanes arm “Kane we have to go” he heard Ascondia snap as she emerged from the trees “And please don’t argue you would never have made it back to our position I chose to wait here instead.

Aerian screamed as she pulled to her feet Kane barely had time to react as she snapped a blade from his hip another moment and the blade was sunk deep into Alvins throat “Let me go back, or I will kill someone else” Kane closed his eyes just for a moment as in a burst of flame he vanished appearing behind Aerian “I’m sorry” was all he said as he himself caught her in the back of her head with his own blade rendering her back unconscious.

“Get the vortex open we need to go” Kane sighed softly another moment and Ascondia had opened a swirling purple mass, Kane quickly ushered Ascondia through followed by Hades and Virra who between them had Aerian, slowly Kane looked to Alvin his hand rested on his chest for a moment “Forgive me old friend” before he stood and stepped toward the portal the blast on the other side of the fallen tunnel notifying them they had run out of time.

Aishani blurred behind and in front of their broken lines, her daggers were nothing but sparks of metal against flesh and fur, covering Hades at one point on their push. Her face was twisted into the gore of battle, bloody with her clothing glistening from the crimson stains, difficult to tell if such was her own or the opponents. Her and Hades covered the rear of the group as all of them rushed through the dungeons to the escape route of the passage. Once outside in the snow, Aishani's steps were soaked in blood while her chest was rising and falling, panting.

Catching the glint of the dagger that was in Aerian's hand in which she ended honourable Alvin's life in that single moment, she exchanged a glance to Hades while crouching, preparing to defend but it was when the crumble of the entrance came crashing down, that Aishani straightened. Never relaxed for a moment, keen and aware always looking around the area, with Aerian left unconscious again.
Ascondia was a sight for sore eyes, while Shadow rushed to Aishani's side, as Kane ushered everyone through the portal created by the Queen, Aishani caught his hand to pull him through just as Shadow joined the others. She was not for a moment, willing to depart from him, would he stand his ground.

With a crack the portal sealed behind them, the streets of Elvera far richer than those of Dentarius, the close packed buildings told of a city much further along in terms of technology and lifestyle. It was within moments guards had them surrounded, some checking Ascondia who was quickly trying to dismiss them and have them escort the group to the castle.

The City Guard arrived quickly their spears trained on Kane as he eyed the numbers he shrugged holding his hands before him “Yea I get it” he snapped coldly within moments he was shackled as carriages arrived the group climbing in to be taken to Elvera Castle.

It didn’t take long as they arrived at the castle, Kane was escorted from their carriage as Ascondia was now arguing with the guard “The law is clear if he shows up, his sentence is to be carried out”
“I am the fucking Queen of the Everlands, and he has just risked his ass to pull my daughter out of hell, he will not be executed by you or anyone fucking else, we will take this to the High Council and they will pardon him or I will execute every fucking one of them!” She snarled darkly “Take him to the cells, ensure he eats, and gets any visitors who care to visit him”

“And the rest?” The guards asked

“Put them in the visitors house, they are to be fed and not intruded upon” She turned to walk back to Aishani “Don’t fight them, I will get him out of here, you have free rights to speak with him in the cells, that is all I can do for now” her voice almost carried apology as she turned Aerian was still unconscious as Ascondia looked for a moment “Put my daughter in cell as well, she needs time to gather herself, tend to her injuries nothing more” the guards would probably have argued had she not rounded on them angrily waving them out of her path.

Aishani sheathed her weapons the moment that the guards surrounded them, a brow inclined passively, while Virra's lips were curled into a muted snarl. She moved to stand at Kane's side, narrowing her eyes to the spears that were in his direction, golden eye fiery in silent warning. Shadow moved to the opposite side of Kane, lifting the chitinous bladed legs in a threat. But, the moment that he was shackled and lowered her hand for Shadow to stand down, she stepped back, flicking her tongue across her lips watching as Kane was lead away.
As Ascondia moved to speak to Aishani, the golden eye fixed on her, while her expression remained call, but, that vivacious bite in her glare remained with a click of her teeth to the roof of her mouth. 

"That isn't what she nee--" Virra stepped forward to speak to Ascondia when she mentioned Aerian being locked up, her eyes dangerously dark but Aishani caught the young female's wrist in the accusing glance back, Aishani shook her head slowly.

Aishani sighed softly, releasing Virra's wrist, then glancing to Hades. "I'm going to Aerian's cell. She doesn't need to be locked up again. Z'ress no doubtfully twisted her mind...she is an expert manipulator, you were too hard a shell to crack, Hades." She nudged him with her elbow, but, was openly holding her side. Aishani moved to follow the guards to Aerian's cell, Shadow on her tail and moving to remain silently in a corner for her to wake. 

Aerian stirred her eyes adjusting as she sat slowly her brain a mash of confusion that would be easy for anyone to pick up around her, as she went to sit the chains caught her keeping her down, Aerian sighed softly.

“I know you’re there” She spoke softly “And seemingly you got us out, then decided it’d be fun to put me in another cell after getting me out of one, surprised Dad isn’t here though, pretty sure …. Oh” she looked to the floor as the realisation set in “He got mom to get us out, she brought us right to Elvera” she shifted to try and find some level of comfort. “They will never let him go now, and once he is rendered useful to them Z’ress and Ceremon will storm the realm and take the throne, a sad end really”

Aerian sounded almost compliant in her words as if they were truth already to her “He’s a good man, he doesn’t deserve that, but mom always wins” She shrugged awkwardly under the chains “He does love you though Aishani, your mother said that would bring you both down, you should be with him at least while he’s still him, and don’t trust Uncle Hades either, we’re all means to an end”

Aishani stepped from the shadows when Aerian indicated the knowledge of her presence, a hand still pressed against her side. That lonely golden eye fixed on the red head from the position nearest the door, her face was a grizzly sight, splattered with blood, appearing some battle hardened goddess. She considered Aerian in silence. "We have no alternative but to await the outcome, Ascondia is avid on getting him out due to him rescuing you. Granted, I wouldn't trust her as far as I can throw her, but, we all came together to bring you and Hades to safety. Your mother, chose to join us, we gave her the option to opt out. Z'ress is of no mother to me, Aerian. She is a vile woman with one thing on her mind, uncaring on how to achieve such...nor hurt those that I love to use against me. "You do understand the reason that you are locked up, do you not? Well, in case you do not. First, you refused to leave. Second, you attacked and killed Alvin. I understand that Z'ress jostled your brain, though, you cannot let her get that far into your mind. She found your weakness and latched to it like a leech, sucking all the will you had until it was gone and warped your view of her. But, she is not here now. If it was not for Virra, it would not have been such a simple rescue, she helped us even with her own neck on the line not just to Ceremon and Z'ress, but her father and an entire ensemble of bandits."

“Your hurt, you should get that looked at” Aerian stated softly “Z’ress was the only one who hasn’t harmed me, doesn’t that get her something?”  Aerian shifted awkwardly again under the chains that held her down “You should get your injuries looked at, then we can talk” Aerian eyed Aishani gently a soft smile hiding the panic behind her, just below were a torrent of emotion so deep so wasn’t sure which to deal with first.

“I want to speak with Virra, I should at least thank her for trying to help me” Aerian fell silent as she watched Aishani her focus quietly on the injury that she was trying so hard to conceal.

"My injury is only superficial, it will be dealt with. Give thought then, to this, Aerian. Z'ress was fully capable to harm you physically, but, while I agree that she didn't. It is the damage of her messing with you at your most vulnerable, which caused us to nearly lose you to her. That is what, I cannot stand. Remember, she is a Matron Mother, the highest position of a house in the Underdark and within the twelve highest houses...she did not get there by not harming or manipulating others to her will. Do not under estimate her, she has a reason to do everything." Aishani glanced to her hand and in the turn, there was a small trickle of crimson that seeped from between her fingers. "I'll be back later, I wished to speak to you not only to ensure you were in a sound frame of mind, unlike that which we last saw. But, I knew, Kane would want to know how you are doing."

She left the cell after kicking the door, stepping through, yet, before the door was closed a female entered. Dressed in fixed leathers, the corset and sweetheart neckline offered ample view of her youthful bosom with the necklace nestled between the valley to each breast. The daggers glistened at her hips, while her dark hair blended in beautifully with the shadows upon the pallet of her porcelain face, ruby lips and those striking black eyes. The door closed behind her, while she remained standing, then removed her own cloak, this offered more a view of her figure. She was not as lush as Aishani, but, definitely held curves that spoke of a female strict training and on the cusp of an adult.

Virra advanced to drape the cloak over Aerian's shoulders, pausing to secure it and sat down before her, ankles tucked beneath her bottom. "Save it. I know, you are thankful. But, the glint in your eyes doubts such."

“The chains prevent me throttling you so, your safe enough for now” Aerian replied softly “She looked to Virra “They chained me down, apparently I’m a risk, but then I did kill Alvin so …. I can see their point” Her voice was calm now as she watched Virra her eyes tracing her body slowly “You’re really pretty, but the problem is now the High Council has my father and my mother has Aishani close at hand, there will be a power struggle now with Alvin gone the High Council will seek to command the Everlandian Army as will my mother, and your father will come for you, quite a whirlwind I’ve brought upon us”

Aerian fell silent as her mind attempted to process the thoughts within “I am thankful you pulled me out, my part in things to come cannot be done if I am puppet to Z’ress, unfortunately the damage is already done and I no longer know who I can trust, even my father will play the cards to his own survival, which he should, but you, you don’t know me yet you risked your life to save in turn saving your own, at least you will IF we make it out of here”

Aerian shifted then snapped back against the chains rattling them “Get them to loosen these, I will not fight so long as it is you who tends me, you have my word, in doing so I will give you all I know to save my father and yourself, after all that is your goal is it not to find the security beyond the borders of Dentarius?”

"Yeah, well, you have a fiery personality, even after all that has happened." Virra tilted her head with the lazy smirk forming upon her lips, yet, the spark in her eyes was mischievous, almost playful when the time wasn't calling for such. "Funny, you want me to get them to loosen your chains, but, just said that such prevented you from throttling me." She adjusted, bending one leg to spread out with the heel of her boot dug into the cold stone floor and a position that defined her flexibility in unfold, crouching. "That is the amusing part. Trust is earned and never given, but, me, I can barely trust my own shadow. Filthy thing, loves to give my position away. Yes, well, your dad, the all-powerful...Pfft. Look, I'll toss around the idea, but, you have to prove to them that you aren't a loaded cannon. I can't do that. Hell, I have no pull with anyone here. One glance at records...I'm a cat-purse in the bag, no pun intended that is." Virra winked to her, leaning close. "By the way, you're welcome." It was in that moment, that Aerian would realize the loosening of her maniacal and chains. "Don't let me regret it."

Aerian sat still chained but having more room she looked to Virra “Thank you” She sat back her body now lent on the wall behind her bed as she eyed the room and back to Virra “You helped and so I shall help you, Aishani will stand with my father regardless of the result of his trial and I use that word lightly, he made my mother pregnant, by the High Council laws that is assault on the monarch and an act of treason, you know how backwards they are about choosing the suitor to the crown, however they harbour this against him because he broke away from their control. In turn away from them, my mother married and divorced him to try and protect him. She also finally set Dentarius free of Everlandian rule to ensure they couldn’t touch him, a one on one bounty hunter has no choice, even less so when an Elcarus is on Dentarian ground. So they don’t bother him on the standing he never returned to Elvera, which thanks to me he had no choice to do” She eyed Virra slowly her eyes meeting Virras the bright emerald green “They will either try to adjust him again, or they will execute him, my guess would be the latter, so you must tell them my secret, tell them without him the Everlands will be consigned to a memory, without Kane and Aishani even my mother this realm and everything in it will cease to be”

Virra leaned back offering her some space, one leg bent while the other was open in a wing, her arm perched. "Oh stop it. You are placing the blame on yourself. Need I remind you, that Hades was locked in the cell as well? I don't know much about Aishani nor Kane or Ascondia. But, Kane and Ascondia are your parents, who gives a fuck about circumstances. The fact remains that plans need to be set in motions. Every action has an opposite reaction." She flicked her thumb nail beneath her index finger with a click. "No one gives a fuck, what I have to say. I'll relay the message or what not. But, I make no promises. Just keep in mind, your father knew the consequences, as did your mother. They had to come together to get you out safely, even Aishani was there."

“I like you, I see why they didn’t kill you outright” Aerian smiled darkly “You will undoubtedly have some say, you’re not in a cell after all” Aerian waved her hand idly around “I’m daughter to the Queen and they locked me up, you are the daughter of a known and highly wanted mercenary and slave trader, rapist too I believe, so remind which of us holds the advantage?” Aerian rose slowly though the chains held her from reaching her full height she at least knew where her limits were, she wouldn’t get to Virra which also amused her “I will furnish you with details on events to come, you will then take them to my fathers trial, you will be heard they have no choice, trust me when I say my father will ensure you are heard”

"Uh...huh." She looked up to Aerian as she stood, rolling a shoulder. "Yeah, whatever, I'll relay the message. Seems, for now, our places have changed in the world." Virra mused, though, stood from her position. "I'll catch you later, don't go anywhere." A chuckle parted her lips to the small joke. "I better watch myself, else, I may get burned." She displayed that mischievous smirk with a wink, turning to make her way to the door, kicking on it. "Hey! You! Yeah, let me out. I've got to visit someone."

The click was heard on the lock, while it was opened and Virra slipped through, only the heavy clank of metal heard in closure.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

[A Cold Winter] Friend or Foe?

Aerian was sat her back against the cold of the wall her eyes closed as she tried to find focus, her mind taking in every sound from beyond her cell.

Her body still ached everywhere but less so after Z’ress’ last activities, it was on this Aerian now focused, Z’ress’ words spinning in her mind, instantly she wondered how she knew about Maya, but then the answer was of course that her lovers’ killer had been harboured by Ceremon from the wrath of both her and her father.

It was as Mayas face settled in that Aerian smiled, a soft simple smile that only Maya ever brought from her, Aerian sank back against the wall her mind flooding with memories of her beloved, their love had been passionate and within mere moments Aerian felt herself heat, her hand sliding over the tender flesh of her thigh as easing between her tender lower lips, the pain adding and odd level of pleasure as her fingers slipped into herself, her free hand massaging her breasts.

The world around Aerian melted away as she lost herself in the pleasure, her whole body rippling with pleasure, her legs began to tremble as her release built with rapid force., another moment and her body tensed as it crashed through her instantly sliding to the floor as her back arced away from the cold stone floor seemingly pushing her into a more violent release as her hips snapped back her spine slammed against the cold and she groaned at the pleasure that shot through her, as it passed Aerian lay on the cold floor simply revelling in that moment.

It was then, riding down from that immaculate moment of her release, that Aerian recognized that she was not alone. Odd that the sound of the cell door did not alert her of being watched. But it was from the shadows that stepped out Z'ress, she was dressed in nothing, completely exposed from the slender shoulders down to the magnificent bosom that was plump and the buds were stiff from the chill in the air and a motherly personal. Her crimson eyes glowed softly offering an unnatural light, folded over her forearms was a blanket. "My, are a frisky little thing, aren't you?" She hissed in that venomous tone, tipping her chin a slight while turning to abruptly pound on the cell door.

The human and two werewolves entered, those noses sniffing at the musk of Aerian's release a drastic contrast to the mould and moisture. The two werewolves moved forward, in each hand was shackles, clear one was for her wrists while the other was for her feet. The human yanked Aerian's head back to force her to look upward to the ceiling, while a click was heard as the cruel bite of the shackles was bound to her wrists and then her ankles. Z'ress snapped her fingers while the two werewolves moved to the side and she draped the blanket over Aerian's shoulders, then assisted her to rise.

"Can you walk?" She breathed against her ear, the prickly moisture of her breath stimulating the fine hair at the rivet of flesh behind the shell, as the flutter of her lips brushed upon Aerian's lobe.
“You should try it sometime” Aerian tried to sound sharp but it simply came out stretched as she tried to gain control of her body. She eyed the wolves for a moment before disregarding them, she was fairly certain she was safe enough.

The chains bit against the flesh but it wasn’t so bad as they led her through the castle, her body trembled in response as they passed Hareavors torture room before been led to the main castle. A few moments and they ascended a flight of stairs before entering the bathroom, a single steep tub that had been filled, the tub itself round and large for two or thre people at most. The air was thick with the scent of flowers as she stood and looked around then mentally cursed herself for not paying attention beyond this point.

“It’s good to get out of that cell, any longer and I may have had to get myself off again, seemed a good way to release the tension” She shrugged now

Z'ress glanced to the human and the two werewolves, as her hand was held out. The posture of such was demanding, as the human placed a single key into her hand, waving her opposite hand to dismiss the three. As such they left the bathing room, the moisture hung in the air heavy with the seeped perfume. The warmth remarkable as it seemed the invisible hands rid her skin from the cruel chill of the dungeon. While Z'ress held no boots upon her feet, completely bare and delicate, she moved behind Aerian to yank the blanket that was her shield in this time, stripping her. 

Fingertips caressed her shoulders while the grace of Z'ress's lips followed, then she whispered into her flesh with the flutter of those luscious ruby lips. "Tell me...what were you thinking about, Aerian?" She asked, gliding the key to tickle Aerian's lower lips but not part the silken surface, tracing slowly up and over her naval to each hip, higher and higher, then between her bosoms. Z'ress rounded with the key to trace the shape of each mound, then lightly flicked each bud with a circle around her areola.

Aerian felt the ripple of goosebumps over her flesh a soft whimper at the gentle touch, her brain trying to control her natural reaction as she felt her core warm further “I …. “ Aerian swallowed slowly her body trembling “Maya” she whispered finally “I was thinking of my Maya”

"I do not understand why you are tormenting yourself. Tell me about her..." Z'ress hissed in her ear, the warmth of her lips suckling on the lobe to Aerian's ear. The key continued to taunt her bosom for a few moments longer, as it slithered down to her flower, tracing the outline of her petals, very lightly. Once the metal managed to bump upon her hidden pearl, then rounded to her hips. "You two must have been very passionate lovers..." 

Feeling her touch her nub sent a shiver through her body trembling beneath Z’ress’ torment “Maya was or is the only person I have ever truly opened up to sexually, if you’re ever on the wrong side of Hareavor you may understand why the only man in my life I will ever trust is my father” she shifted awkwardly her brain trying to wrap itself around why she was suddenly spilling her guts to someone she didn’t trust.

“Maya showed me that … I could be loved, that I should be loved” She shrugged softly “She got beyond the defence, then she got ripped away from me by a drunken slave runner who saw fit to rape her and cut her in two” Her words darkened as those memories surfaced finding her lover ripped apart was painful all in itself “He didn’t even have the decency to kill her but left her alive to suffer, I cried as I put my own blade through her heart, but I didn’t kill her he already had I had to save her”
“I never found him, Ceremon saw to his escape, but when he returns I will end him, make no mistake on that” The threat came ice cold and straight the venom in those words was impossible to miss “I loved her, and she loved me, she deserved better”

The key, an extension of Z'ress, continued the stimulating caress. While the object was light as a feather, still it was a hard object, stroking her naked body. But, now, as the item remained, she felt the frigid touch of icy fingers glide along the outside of her thigh across her abdomen and painfully slow up her side, as the key came in contact with the pearl hidden between the succulent flesh. The touch, while it should have been hard, painful, was soft, sensual as it roamed over; back and forth, then back and forth. That is when she felt the frosted lips glide across her skin, almost as though each pucker brought back strength to Aerian. "Oh, he will return. I have seen to that..." She breathed now beside, Aerian's ear, the closeness was intimate, as against Aerian's naked back, she felt the full bosom and those dark nips caress her.

Then suddenly, all the contact faded. "Look at that water, Aerian. Does it not seem inviting? So...warm? I promised a bath to you and I intend to deliver."
Her whole body shuddered with each touch her eyes half closed until Z’ress spoke, the effect was instant and her body locked as she swallowed, she eyed the water carefully.

“At what cost” she managed to say under the wave of panic that was now taking her “What do you want from me?”

Aerian felt those luscious lips travel down her neck, then to the tender rivet of flesh behind her ear, pressing to a kiss. She continued to move the tip of the key back and forth over her tender pearl, suckling on her lobe. "I want you to join me. Let me clean you and take care of do want that monster that killed your love, dead, do you not? Your hands wrapped around his throat...maybe even make him eat his own dick? I can make that happen...but, you have to prove to me that you will not harm me in this very...vulnerable moment." She felt the key lift and Z'ress moved to stand before Aerian, while slowly lowering down to her knees. Her hand caressing down each leg slowly, while her tongue licked the key, hooded crimson eyes fixed upon Aerian.

“Difficult to harm anyone chained up like a common slave girl” Aerian raised the shackles on her wrists “Besides what’s the point I would be killed before I got to the front gates, or made fuck bait for Hareavor again” Aerian shrugged softly “You are right now the only ally I have”

Aerian felt her stomach twist her body tensed visibly at the words as they spilled from her mouth “I won’t harm a hair on your head, you have my word as an Elcarus”

Z'ress looked up to her, while the very tip of her tongue glided upon the inside of Aerian's thigh, just as the click of a lock was heard and the shackles were guided off her ankles. Slowly she stood, that key prancing upon her thighs, then to the slit of her petals with a tap on her pearl, finally Aerian's hands. The key was slipped into the hole, as the gizmo was heard in a click, guiding each shackle from Aerian, her crimson eyes fixed on her and her expression, as always calm and composed. She cast the ankle shackles aside with a kick and then dropped the others carelessly to the left. 

"Good. Now, come." Z'ress took her hand, while guiding her to the small pool of water, allowing for Aerian to settle first. It was clear that the water was incredibly warm, steam rose from the surface like a veil and red rose petals floated upon the surface.

Aerian stepped into the tub, the water so warm, it sent a strange prickle of satisfaction over her flesh as she slowly sank beneath the surface, her eyes closed as her face sunk beneath the water holding herself for a few moments before sliding back above the water a soft moan of satisfaction escaping her.

When Aerian resurfaced from beneath the perfumed water she heard the sound of treading feet in the bath behind her, the currents in the water whispering upon her skin with ghostly touches to the presence of Z'ress. She did not dip beneath the water but rounded her with the snowy hair in a halo around her shoulders, on a tray was arranged liquid soaps and oils in beautiful glass containers and a sponge. Z'ress beckoned Aerian near to her while gathering a glass container and pouring the liquid in the sponge to work suds forth, while it smelled delicious there was a faint touch of medicinal properties.

Aerian moved kneeling before her body submerged to her breasts, but open and disarmed, she had already chosen to quell the instinct to fight or flee, freedom would come at a price but she was already aware of that, Z’ress right now was her only ally.

“I have not been with another, unless you count Hareavor …” Her voice bit back the words that threatened to follow “But Maya is the only one” it was at this Aerian was unsure why she had let such information slip another piece to her very own curious puzzle.

"Hareaver will not touch you." Z'ress commented, while working the sponge gently upon her shoulders, as a warmth sunk into her skin and seemed to embrace her bruises and sore muscles, feeling the essence of medicine working on her body. The heat of the water caused her relax, but as the suds clung to her flesh, Z'ress's frigid hands followed in kneading to her muscles. Those crimson eyes fixed on her with eerie sense of calculation, expression as calm as ever, meticulously. "He has stolen much from you. Tell me, what is it that drew you to Maya. It seems as you have said, you...loved...her." The word of affection appeared to struggle to escape her lips, as though it disgusted her.

“Hareavor didn’t kill her …. Though he does carry some responsibility for him escaping me ….” It was an out loud thought as her hand caught Z’ress’ on her shoulder just for a moment before she let it sink back beneath the water “Maya, was as beautiful as she was smart, she was balanced and not reckless, she couldn’t fight worth a damn but she made me as safe as my father does, she even made Dad accept her, he was preparing our wedding ….” Her voice drifted off again “From the moment I saw her I knew she was special, not to anyone but me and she felt the same”

“She was my world and I was hers” Aerian stared at the wall opposite her as she felt Z’ress behind her “Part of me still wishes I had joined her, even now”

Z'ress stopped when Aerian's hand reached for her own, then offering nothing more than a wash of the water upon her shoulders to rinse the suds, then the sponge dipped beneath the water, now moving down her back while slowly and sensually with a calm touch began to clean each cheek of Aerian. Her hand was slightly warmer now, but, Aerian almost could feel her cop a feel but then it was gone as it registered. "Your father isn't here now, Aerian." She whispered beside Aerian's ear, the plush bosom rubbing against her back. "I was never taught love, in fact, I am grateful. In my world, the women rule. All men are lesser beings only created to serve us. Even the lowest female beggar is higher than the highest male. We are truly beautiful creatures. Strong..." Z'ress rounded to stand before Aerian, those eyes fixed to her, while gathering her wrist to begin to methodically clean up and down each arm, then gathering a small brush and began to clean the dirt and grim beneath her nails. "Everything, happens for a reason, Aerian. It is how we use the event to overcome. You have not accepted Maya's death, it is closure that you seek against the one that tore her from you." Her ashen skin was flawless, glistening in the flickering light of the room, dark and exotic, even with the contours of her cleavage that was revealed just above the surface of the water.

Aerian could feel her against her back instinct lent her back as she allowed the acts Z’ress portrayed upon her. “It isn’t closure, I cannot make peace with her death, but I do believe he should suffer just as she did, so it would be revenge that fuels that particular need”

Aerian turned slowly her eyes meeting Z’ress’ emerald green almost entrancing in some ways as she watched and waited before she spoke “This world is full of balance, men are as equal to women, but they will fight as passionately for a woman as I have ever seen, my father is a hero to these lands, a man I admire and one day hope to be remembered just as fondly” She stood slowly exposing her body only one scar showed just above her right hip “That’s how our world is defined by heroes and by blood, my families blood has been spilt far more than any other, we suffer so they don’t have to” she stepped back just for a moment in thought.

“Women are the strength behind men, not the strength that holds them down, though admittedly some do not know their place” She perched herself on the edge of the tub her legs set just slightly apart her eyes never leaving Z’ress’ “Admittedly milady you do have my attention”

"If you cannot make peace, then revenge is definitely, that which you seek." Z'ress tipped her chin a slight to the shift of Aerian in the rise from the waters, crimson eyes watching her calmly. She turned to gather a small round container, moving to settle upon her knees before Aerian. Placing down the sponge to float in the water, opening the lid to lift a softly perfumed and medicinal aroma. Z'ress then scooped a small bit of the balm upon her index finger. Nearing Aerian with those snowy lashes offering a strange shadow upon her crimson eyes, her lips pressing against her thighs while she moved closer to the treasure of the young woman. A hand was flat upon her abdomen while thumb and forefinger spread the petals, a sudden transformation happened upon her face. It was as though a beast came out, unleashed for the first time, twisting into fury and anger, frightening, yet as it appeared it was gone. The placid and calm expression upon her features again, as though nothing occurred. "I will make this as comfortable as possible for you." 

Z'ress watched her closely as the index slipped to the top of her slit to gently stimulate the pearl, weaving the tip with slow touches, when Aerian relaxed, that is when she felt the sudden pressure. She was caressing her inner walls with the tonic, massaging the torn tissue from Hareavor's torture, a tingling warmth rippled through her.

Aerians reaction was almost instant as her core heated in response to Z’ress’ invasion, her fingers bit against the edge of the tub as her legs set to keep her balance. Her eyes closed as her breathing laboured slightly.

“It shouldn’t feel good” She whimpered softly as her body fought for release.

As her body struggled for the release, Z'ress calmly removed her digit while then dipping the glistening digit into the balm again. Her crimson eyes meeting that of Aerian. "You need to answer me. This will help with the healing. Did Hareavor penetrate between your cheeks? Violated your rear entry?"

“No he’s quite happy to get his rocks off in the front” Aerian shrugged though the act of doing so came off more as an awkward squirm her entire body held in the invasion of Z’ress. Her legs squirmed awkwardly away from her as her body slid forward she steadied herself with her hands on Z’ress bosom.

“I .. he .. we …. Oh fuck” She whimpered her breathing now rasping as her body rose quickly toward her eagerness of needs.

Z'ress scooped up some more balm upon her digits, adding in an extra finger, literally stirring her passage with the warmth of arousal and soothing increased, a hand was lifted to place on Aerian's hip to keep her still and body placed between her legs to keep from clasping close. When Aerian's hand landed on the full bosom of Z'ress, she stopped her motions, looking to her with the crimson eyes, expression indifferent and calm, hinting at nothing beneath the surface.  The full mounds spilled between her fingers with the tough dark bud pressed into each palm, soft, yet, firm. "I see..." She said quietly, removing her pleasure tools, but, at the top of Aerian's slit, her index made contact with the pearl. The tip brushing over the button, faster with more pressure, as Z'ress continued to watch Aerian.

Z'ress scooped up some more balm upon her digits, adding in an extra finger, literally stirring her passage with the warmth of arousal and soothing increased, a hand was lifted to place on Aerian's hip to keep her still and body placed between her legs to keep from clasping close. When Aerian's hand landed on the full bosom of Z'ress, she stopped her motions, looking to her with the crimson eyes, expression indifferent and calm, hinting at nothing beneath the surface.  The full mounds spilled between her fingers with the tough dark bud pressed into each palm, soft, yet, firm. "I see..." She said quietly, removing her pleasure tools, but, at the top of Aerian's slit, her index made contact with the pearl. The tip brushing over the button, faster with more pressure, as Z'ress continued to watch Aerian.

Aerians body came crashing back to a low halt as Z’ress withdrew from her a low moan of frustration slipping from her throat. Her eyes met Z’ress’ deep in her eyes was that glimmer of a deep rooted need to release, frustration mixed with grief and more emotions beyond as Z’ress contacted her sweet spot Aerians body shuddered back to height.

It didn’t take long before her hips rocked as she plunged over the edge of oblivion and into wave upon wave of deep longing and pleasure a deep scream of pleasure ripped from her throat her head pressed into Z’ress’ shoulder

Z'ress continued her focus upon Aerian's plump pearl. She was support to Aerian in the fold forward after her release, Z'ress's breathing remained even and calm. Soon, Z'ress guided Aerian to her back, lifting her legs from the water to bend with feet resting upon the edge. The digit was seductive as it touched Aerian, though, a pressure was sensed to the sensitive folds of her starlet, yet, before Aerian could protest Z'ress plunged three fingers into her passage and began to twist and caress her from the inside. The pressure increased upon the pucker, which is when Aerian felt the sudden heat from lips and the slickness of Z'ress's tongue upon her pearl, those crimson eyes watching Aerian intensely. A penetration took place with the tool guided by Z'ress's hand in an announced plop, as the digit sunk into her rear entry.

Aerians entire body was sent into overdrive as she fought to find any level of control failing as a second release hard just as hard as the first her back twisting away from the pleasure. She tried to clamp against Z’ress’ invasion but Z’ress’ mouth stopped turning a want to escape into a need to be pleasured.

Her body tensed at the new invasion of her backside having never even attempted the feat her body already floating high from the pleasure was soon craving the slight pain that the invasion brought upon her.

After the powerful rock that shook Aerian to the core, Z'ress removed her pleasing tools from amidst Aerian's holes. Licking each digit, while wrapping her arms around the helpless girl and bringing her down into the heat of the water, cradling her to her bosom as one may a child.

Aerian didn’t fight as she melted into the wate the warmth taking both her and any attempt at fighting what had just happened with it a low moan of happiness slid from her as she felt the water soak her hair.
“That’s a new method for torture” Aerian managed to whimper softly “But thank you anyway”
Z'ress allowed for Aerian to remain close to her breast, though, after a time, in silence, she moved to gather the tray of oils and soaps. She proceeded to saturate her hair with the water and massage the oil within her hair, causing the perfume to be imbedded and then cleaned her body one last time. She left Aerian to rest while proceeding to glide the sponge upon herself, increasing for suds to cleanse herself, partially exposed in a full stand near the steps. Then, she worked on her snowy hair, as though, the threads were woven from the very slivers of moonlight.

When she was finished, dipping beneath the water and petals, to surface and face her. "The water is getting cold. Come." Z'ress gathered her hand now, while guiding her from the large tub, adorning a towel to wipe and dry Aerian. When finished, she dried herself, while accepting the two towels and caressing her cheek. "Can I trust you to not fight nor run? You and I will go to the dining hall to eat."
“I want to, more than anything” Aerian looked to the floor “I want to go home, but you’ve been good to me, so I won’t” Aerian pulled the towel to her evidently aware of how exposed she truly was right now. For the first time in a long time Aerian had found herself with mixed feelings between what needed to be done and what she should do.

She growled at the werewolf as he followed her dangerously close, the route led them through the outer castle exposed to the harshness of winter before they finally made their way into the huge hall that served as dining hall, and was one of few rooms still intact and not touched by time or fate.

Aerian stood by the table as Ceremon entered she froze her whole body sudden racked with a need to run but she held her place.

“How is your prisoner?” Ceremon barely even showed her moment of notice as his eyes slid slowly over Z’ress “Should I be doubling our guard for dinner?”

Z'ress snatched the towel from Aerian, while indicating her own self exposure. "The female body is a temple. A treasure to be admired and envied, do not hide such, believe me when I say the feeling is empowering. Such is common in my society." She lifted a fingertip to caress her face, stopping at her lower lip.

There was a difference when Z'ress walked now, the cruel click of her heels absent but the lightness in which she moved was pure grace on bare feet. Once within the large dining hall, Z'ress settled down in her chair, then dismissed the guards to stand outside with a flick of her wrist.

Z'ress flicked her gaze to rest on Ceremon as he entered, narrowing her eyes and then returning to the casual demeanour. "I do not recall inviting you to this dinner, Ceremon. No. There is no need, is there, Aerian?" Aerian felt a hand lowering to hers just beneath the sight of the table's edge, offering her a sense of grounding.

Ceremon smiled darkly as he eyed the naked form of Aerian “Very well, I was not joining merely informing you the boy and I are going to check a few of the outlying walls, we don’t want anyone sneaking up on us” He smiled mockingly to Aerian then turned on his heel and strode from the room.
Aerian felt the chill run through her as she took Z’ress’ hand in a panic holding it. The air was bitingly cold, far from the warmth the Mansion at home afforded, she was also unused been naked anywhere but by herself but she held herself albeit stiffly and with a prickle of fear.

She suddenly glanced up to the rafters a prickle ran down her that was far from fear, a feeling she had never managed to place but knew to who is was inevitably linked as she stared blankly for a moment before pushing it aside and looking to Z’ress “I’m hungry” she managed to say keeping her voice level and soft.

Z'ress tugged down her hand, forcing her to fall to her knees in order to conceal her form from Ceremon. But, maintained her expression of indifference. "Then stop talking and be about such. If I need you, I will find you..." She stated calmly, while beginning to cut up bits of the food, glancing with a flicker of her gaze to Aerian, offering her a bite with a fork from the plate before Z'ress. "Again, I have taken precaution to tend to the liver in order to assist in the loss of iron and orange juice to assist as well. You will be fit enough soon, then, you and I can leave to search out...this man that wronged you and Maya."

As Aerian knelt on the cold of the floor she eyed Z’ress “I have already pointed out that we all have our parts to play in things to come, my revenge will have to wait” She shrugged softly her voice had fallen to flat tone as if the information was pulled not from her but elsewhere “In any case they are already here, which makes our time together limit”
Aerian bowed her head looking to the floor “Our time is limited now, but we will meet again of that I’m sure” Aerian shook her head sharply clearing the cluster of thoughts as she looked up “What did I say this time?”

Z'ress considered Aerian, then continued to feed her from her own plate, pausing with those crimson eyes fixed upon her. "You speak from another plane...then normal." She abruptly grabbed Aerian to settle into her lap, offering her the utensil and then placing her lips upon the delectable bud of the bosom closest to her. Nipping softly in the withdrawal causing the peaked flesh to jiggle in the release of Aerian's bosom. "You are cold." She stated simply into the flesh, as Z'ress adjusted her to tuck her feet at the outside of Aerian’s legs, beginning to stimulate her pearl again with the other hand's digit traced around the sensitive folds of Aerian's back door.

Aerian whimpered feeling the tease against her, her eyes closed as she felt the intrusion against her backside “I …. Part of who I am allows me to see or interpret events, it sucks on so many levels” Aerian breathed against Z’ress’ ear

“And that makes one of three people who know” A low whimper slid from her lips as her hand traced Z’ress’ feeling her own juices upon her.

"Interesting." Z'ress commented, while calmly directing Aerian to eat, more pressure was set upon the starlet while her other hand tended to the bud, slipping a finger deeply into her passage to swirl the molten core and the second finger penetrated beyond the stubborn door to the back, now two tools utilized for the utmost pleasure to the red haired girl. 

Aerian squirmed as she was penetrated twice her body shuddering her hand ran lightly through Z’ress’ hair gentle and slowly her body already lost in the pleasures, her mind tried to fight long enough to work through her curiosities.

“I’m not sure how fucking my brains out helps either of us” She moaned softly “Not that I want to stop” her body shuddered as she felt her body trembling spilling her hot nectar out over Z’ress’ hand her back arching in response to the stimulation “Oh god!!”

Z'ress remained methodical on the application of her frigid fingers within each passage, ensuring to massage the thin veil between such paths to stimulate her further, when Aerian shuddered and trembled, splashing the ambrosia into Z'ress's hand. The hair that ran beneath Aerian's touch was like the finest silken snow, but, now with the spill of Aerian's nectar, Z'ress continued relentlessly. The flutter of her lips brushed upon Aerian's shoulder with the words that followed. "Your body...naturally has a painkiller it is the power of each release that assists in tolerance, if not...simply distracts." Still that voice remained as indifferent as ever, somehow colder.

Aerian whimpered as she felt her body lose any sense of logic each wave crashing over her harder than the one before. Her mind was numbed by the pleasure as she let the release wash over her. As it subsided she lay back resting with her arms holding her uptight.

“I … “ She simply chose to smile as her body tried to find some level of sense to the stimulation that had pushed her beyond her needs.

Aerian felt the warm, moist breath and the plush caress of Z'ress's lips against the rivet of flesh behind her ear. "You...what?" She breathed in the hiss, adding another finger to her back entry and removed the digits from her silken passage with an index finger still prancing across the plump pearl of her born excitement. Z'ress began to slowly and sensually glide her fingers in and out of the stretched, tight pipe. Her bosom was full and crushed against Aerian's back with the stiff mother buds pressed firmly upon her flesh, Z'ress's hot lips now wrapped around the lobe with a suckling intensity.

“I should probably get back to my cell” Aerian managed as her release finally allowed her body to settle, her eyes were heavy as her body was now on the brink of exhaustion, a soft smile of satisfaction still tugging the edge of her lip “I should rest”

Z'ress leaned back and gathered Aerian to assist her in rising, while walking to the door in order to wait for her. As she followed, there was silence, but, Aerian had a view of Z'ress's backside from each sway of her hips to the jiggle of her half-moons from beneath the drift of snow to her hair. The human guard and two werewolves rounded out the procession, the chains clinking in each creatures hands in a reminder of her place in this castle.

When descending down the stairwell into the dungeon, Z'ress hesitated near the door to Hade's cell, motioning Aerian over to her side. "Take a long look. This was you, now...this is you." She hissed beside her ear with a flick of her tongue, motioning for Aerian's cell to be opened and guiding her within. A thick blanket was on the floor with straw bedding beneath. "I have made sure that accommodations have been met." Z'ress turned to motion the werewolf forward, as the manacles were present. "Insurance, you understand, nothing...personal." Once the click of each to her ankles and wrists clasped down in a cruel bite. "I will return." Z'ress stated then turned on her heel, while leaving her alone in the solitude of her cold, damp cell.

Aerian slid to the ground crawling into the makeshift mattress, her body physically exhausted as she felt herself slip. Slowly she dragged the blanket over herself as she lay thoughts bouncing around her mind each as confusing as the last.

The sounds were as ever in her mind multiplied, she could also here Hades as he paced inside his own cell, an odd comfort to know he was at least on feet, the prickle in the back of her consciousness was also stronger and another odd comfort, but the thought of leaving Z’ress oddly unnerved her “Damnit Aerian what have you gotten yourself into?” she rattled the chains that bound her or at least half-heartedly tried, her body still relatively numb.